How to upload static HTML or other files

IF you are not using any CMS software such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, then you have few options on how to upload HTML or other files to the website. First and easiest option is to use our CPanel->File Manager to upload files. When you go to CPanel and click on the icon it asks you where you want to go. Your option should be the domain name that you want or the public_html folder (that’s where the main website’s files reside). After you click OK it shows you the directory listing and you can use the “Upload” button (top-left) to upload your files to the web server. Note that you can upload Archived files and extract the directly on the server which saves a lot of transfer time.

Alternative version is to use FTP to do the File Transfer. To connect to the ftp server please use the credentials and host names listed in your “Maiahost Account Information” email.