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If you already have account with us then you can install any of those apps via the Hosting Account Control Panel (CPanel) – just click on the application icon to install on your desired destination.

Maiahost offers extensive support for PHP/MySQL Content Management Systems such as the ones listed below. Since 2006 we have hosted many different public open-source scripts, some popular others not so much, and we have found that some of them are not that well developed and using them can lead serious security issues therefore we have compiled a safe list of software below that we believe is considered somehow reliable and secure.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop and Magento are

the only few Content Management Systems that are supported by large groups of software professionals which guarantees timely updates on critical patches and bug fixes. Those CM Systems have been developed to a level where security has evolved to a certain acceptable degree that they are considered stable and secure. In general nothing is 100% secure, but extensive testing has proven that the “cores” of those systems are safe against most hacker attacks. Note that adding “plug-ins” and other extensions exponentially decreases your security as complexity increases and this sometimes allows security loopholes to be created which is exactly what hackers and other misc users look for.

All other scripts have minimal to no support from their developers. There are exceptions for scripts that have PAID licenses where the script developers are obligated to provide support based on your license with them.

All applications listed below are tested by our team to confirm that they are fully compatible with all our servers. Not all apps are suggested for the basic hosting account type due to resource utilization reasons.

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