We’re ready with the semi-dedicated hosting plans. The most important specifications are below. Please note that these are not file hosting packages even though you can store any legal files on them (yes you can fill them up) – they are for more popular sites that need managed semidedicated hosting instead of a VPS option :

Name:Maia SD BasicMaia SD Advanced
Space:30 GB100 GB
Bandwidth:200 GB500 GB
Addon Domains:30100
One Free Domain:YesYes
CPU Usage:5% of the CPU daily10% of the CPU daily
Support Priority:HighestHighest
Number of accounts per server:2510
Prices:39.95 per month69.95 per month

The payments will be discounted if prepaid for longer periods.

These will be hosted on Quad code dual processor servers with 24/7 monitoring and lots of other extras.

The above are subject to change but I highly doubt that we’ll do any modifications. We’re also considering a Maia Economy plan which will be the cheapest of our packages. The specifications we’re thinking about are :

Maia Economy

Space : 100 MB

Bandwidth : 5 GB

Price : $24 per year (yearly payments only)

Free domain : no

Support priority : no

If you have any input regarding any of the packages please do post a comment.