Due to high demands, after more than 2 years of “thinking” we are proud to announce that we finally managed to put together our Referral/Affiliate program.

Now you will be able to earn some Maiahost Dollars for each client you refer us to. Those dollars can only be used towards our services and are rated $1 USD worth of service to $1 Maiahost Dollar. For each Maia One yearly Package referral you earn $12 MD which can be cashed in as one year free domain registration or 1 GB additional storage space or 3GB bandwidth or whatever else you’d like to cash them in. For Maia Multiple/Five yearly you get $24 MD which is double the Maia One referral rates. For Monthly and Quarterly sales you get 1/3 for one and 3/6 for five.

The referral program is only for our clients. You can obtain your referral link or banner when you login to your www.maiahost.com/clients account and go under “My Referrals”. Also you can see your current bonus points listed on the top of that page.

NOTE: You can refer yourself if you want to open more than one account. You get the bonus points for whatever you can use them for. Its up to you.