Maiahost is currently Trouble-Free Hosting Service with 100% uptime this month and 99.94% overall for the past 4 years measured by This makes us on TOP 100 Most Reliable Hosting Providers which is a great achievement and a milestone in our current business development plan.

No more than 10 minutes of planned downtime is expected due to scheduled server restarts every Saturday and Monday at 12 AM EST. Weekdays are to be with 100% uptime unless we have some urgent security update that requires server restart which should not be more than few minutes. Also Weekends starting from 12 AM to 8 AM we are performing server wide security checks and the weekly account backups therefore you may be experiencing slight delay in website load speed while they are being processed.

Due to the increased security measures our firewall is set to block anyone trying to “guess” or “brute-force” passwords on any of our services. If you don’t remember your password please reset it from our clients area but don’t try to guess it. More than 5 wrong passwords will result in auto block. If you accidentally get blocked you will see “Unable to connect” or “Timeout” message on your website browser. If so please contact us via Support Ticket or Live Chat and we will unblock you.

The Maiahost Management