Celebrating 10 Years of Web Hosting Services

With over 10 Years of Web Hosting Experience

We Guarantee 99.9% service uptime and stand proud with achieved even higher 99.92% uptime overall for the past 10 years since 2006!

If you want to build your very own internet empire or you are simply looking for a reliable host for your internet real-estate, then We will help you achieve it! With our hosting services you get superb technical support that actively monitors and maintans system stability and performance. For CMS users our Managed Hosting comes with free software installations and transfers of existing from other hosting service providers.

We partner with CloudFlare and offer extended DDoS and Brute-Force protection which can be enabled upon request free of charge.

We have Experienced Webmaster and Developer Support Staff Ready to Help You!

Ultra-Fast, Reliable and Affordable Hosting Services

Top performance is the name of the game and we Ace it every time. Our fast servers can outperform our competition guaranteed.


We Guarantee YOUR SUCCESS!

Free Transfers, Installation, Pre-Configuration, Upgrades and Troubleshooting

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress

Currently Word’s Best, WordPress is the most flexible software that allows you to create and manage content with ease. Currently have over 20 million users World-Wide.
Managed Joomla Hosting

Joomla Hosting

Being a bit more corporate oriented Joomla is quick and easy tool for building Business or Organization Websites.
Managed Drupal Hosting

Managed Drupal

The most secure site builder trusted even by the whitehouse.org US President Website. Drupal is extremely powerful website builder but requires comprehensive knowledge if you want to take advantage of its prized features.
Managed Prestashop Hosting

Managed PrestaShop

Prestashop is the easiest shopping carts software and allows you to quickly build fully operational website store in just a few minutes.
WordPress Hosting with Divi Builder

Divi Builder

The best Visual Editor for WordPress is now the default option with our Premium WordPress Services.
Managed CPanel Hosting

CPanel Hosting

CPanel is the best Hosting Account Control software and has so many advantages over other similar panels that makes is the most developer friendly hosting backend.
Managed Webmail Hosting

Webmail Hosting

Safe, fast and secure Webmail client interface for your Email needs. We offer Horde, Round Cube and Squirrel Mail are the 3 versions that we offer.
Managed PHP Hosting

PHP Hosting

Includes full support for Legacy PHP versions as well as newest PHP 6 and PHP 7. All are updated and strengthened constantly.
Managed CloudFlare Hosting

Managed CloudFlare

The best Website Security service is now available for Maiahost hosted websites. We can pre-configure your websites to be fully CloudFlare enabled free of charge!
Solid State Drive Hosting

Fast Hosting on Solid State Drives

SSD drives increase overall system performance 15-20 times which reduces website load time as data access is much faster.
Structured Query Language SQL Hosting Services

SQL Hosting

MySQL or MariaDB hosting with local and remote SQL database access. Guaranteed SQL service uptime and worry free server management provided by our experienced system administrators.
Managed Hosting Services

Managed Hosting

With Managed Hosting services we guarantee the health and performance of your servers. Our experienced system administrators monitor all servers in real time 24/7/365 and any problems are detected and fixed before they become fatal.

We can help your business grow big!

  • Start Smart and build your internet real estate on the right Publishing Platform with us!
  • We offer only the best software solutions that allow you to build your online portfolio and easily create your internet identity, then you can extend the functionality with a cobination of internet Shopping Cart, add Blog, Forum , Photo Gallery and more.
  • Get a free domain for the life of your account when you order yearly.
  • Get a free preinstalled CMS software of your choice.
  • Great variety of Hosted CMS software to choose from.
  • Enjoy our super fast non oversold servers.
  • FREE professional tech support from experienced webmasters.
  • 30 Days money back guarantee.
  • Maiahost helps small websites grow big!

Host your internet real estate  with  us!


  • Guaranteed 99.9% server uptime or hosting is free for that month!
  • Our Scalable Hosting Packages can accomodate all your web hosting needs
  • Free website transfer done right by our professional staff.
  • Enjoy our fast and stable web hosting service.
  • FREE technical support.
  • 30 Days money back guarantee.

Fast and Reliable Web Hosting Services with 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed!

for Business Startups

Cheap Web Hosting is ideal for students and business startups. It offers Best Return of Investment and minimal startup costs. Start small and upgrade as you grow your online business!

for small Businesses

Our Semi-Dedicated Plan offers a High Performance share of a Speed Optimized Dedicated Server. This hosting is suitable for Large websites with steadily increasing traffic up to 1,000,000 hits per month.

For large companies

Dedicated Servers – the Ultimate option in Website Performance Optimization. This option gives you best Price-To-Performance effectiveness for websites that have very high traffic or run resource aggressive software/scripts.

The Corporate Way

Cloud Hosting is the Modern Corporate way of content delivery to millions of users world-wide. Build your own Cloud Distribution Network with Regional/Localized Virtual Servers.

All Hosting Plans Include:


Unlimited Diskspace & Bandwidth

As technology improved and storage capacities increased we no longer meter storage or bandwidth. Although storage and bandwidth are not limited we stimulate our clients to have lightweight optimized websites since this dramatically decreases page download time and helps web browsing from locations with poor internet connections.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer 30 day full money back guaranteed without any questions asked

Free Website Transfers

It has never been easier to join the Maiahost Services. Let our experienced staff move your existing website to your hosting account with us. If you wish to request free website transfers please open support ticket or contact live chat support.

99.9% Guranteed uptime

We have successfully achieved 99.92% uptime within the past 10 years and more. This means less than 2 hours of downtime per year!

Knowledgable WordPress Support

Free WordPress Support

Our staff loves WordPress and we are ready to point you in the right direction or even solve most of WordPress related issues. We believe that good service is to give more than what you got paid for.

Free Data Recovery Points

If you accidentally deleted something or damaged your website we can Safely Restore it Free of Charge from our Backup Points. We offer by default Automated Weekly and Monthly full account backups. If that’s not enough for you we can even offer you free limited daily backups.
cPanel hosting services

cPanel Hosting Panel

CPanel is the best hosting service account administration back-end tool that enables you to easily manage your Website Software, Traffic/Visitor Stats, FTP and Email Accounts, PHP version and MySQL Databases.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Because we believe we are the best and our products are way better than our competition, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction!

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Our Customer Testimonials

“Being the owner of a web site design and development company (WebSitesGalour.com), it is very important for me to have a top notch web hosting company I can depend on for myself and for my clients web sites. That is where MaiaHost.com stands out way above the rest. What I love about MaiaHost is that they are always available to speak with me by phone. Most Internet hosting companies make it very difficult if there is a situation that needs to be addressed immediately. You type them an email with your concern, then in many cases you wait and wait and wait for a response. Many times what you are trying to convey is not answered or corrected, so the process starts all over again. That is why in June 2008 I switched to Maia Host. With MaiaHost, you just pick up the phone and you have a live person to speak with. They are friendly, personable and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a top notch web site hosting company”

Hosting Since: 2008
Website Builder: WordPress

Barry Adelson

Website Designer, WebsitesGalour.com

“I needed a good place to host my Web Store and found Maiahost.com hosting to be a perfect choice in terms of price and features. In the 10 years I’ve hosted with them I have realized that I got lucky to have found them as they have proven to be very reliable and fast.”

Hosting Since: 2007
Shopping Cart
: PrestaShop

Peter Kral

Enterpreneur, bambula.sk

“Located in Woodside, NY (few blocks away from Maiahost.com) I’ve been personally introduced to the Maiahost web services. This I have hosted my Fencing School website with them since 2006 and I never had any problems. I’ve called in a couple of times to get help with my Email address and received very helpful and thorough help. I strongly recommend them as they have proven to be reliable and cheap service.”

Hosting Since: 2006
Website Builder: Static HTML

Witold Rak

Fencing Instructor, woodsidefencing.com