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Click to View Client WebsiteSuperb support

"I just signed up for a new account from you guys...reason...because I need one and the other is the superb support you guys give. Keep up the great work! ~Jeff"

Hosting Since:2006-01-10
Package:Maia Single
CMS:Custom Script

Click to View Client WebsiteWorks Perfectly !

"I am enjoying my pixelpost photobolg. Your web service works perfectly for me. Thanks.~Prof. Nicholas Noble"

Hosting Since:2006-02-06
Package:Maia Single
CMS:PixelPost Hosting

Click to View Client WebsiteSimply The Best

"I guess you could say that I am an old fashioned guy living and working in the Internet world. I am one who does not likes to type messages back and forth even though at times I am forced to do it. What I love about Maiahost is that they are always available to speak with you by phone. Most internet hosting companys make it very difficult if there is a situation that needs to be addressed immediately. You type them an email with your concern, then in many cases you wait and wait and wait for a response. Many times what you are trying to convey is not answered or corrected, so the process starts all over again. That is why several years ago I switched to Maiahost. With Maiahost, you just pick up the phone and you have a live person to speak with. They are friendly, personable and very knowledgeable. The professionalism that they exude is certainly second to none and I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a top notch website hosting company."

Hosting Since:2008-06-19
Package:Maia Multiple
CMS:WordPress Hosting

Click to View Client WebsiteBest host ever.

""I've tried a ton of hosts, including self-hosting on EC2. Maiahost is the best bang for the buck!"~Alexey Zilber"

Hosting Since:2010-10-01
Package:Maia Single
CMS:WordPress Hosting